What to Do In Heber Valley | The Ultimate Guide for 2023
Is this heaven? No, it's Iowa Heber Valley. The place to go. Heaven or not, Heber Valley has a ton to offer. After living in Utah our entire lives, we thought it was time to compile a helpful guide to...
Why You Need a Pair of Bamboo Sunglasses in 2023
Bamboo makes the perfect material for sunglasses. Bamboo is strong, smooth, lightweight, renewable, sustainable, and can be crafted to make a high quality pair of the perfect floating sunglasses. Here is why we think you need a pair of Bamboo sunglasses.
Why Is Bamboo Considered An Eco-Friendly Material?
Discover the truth behind the bamboo plant's eco-friendly nature- from farming, cultivating, and manufacturing. Bamboo, due to its fast growth rate and low-impact processing, is one of the most sustainable materials to harvest for sustainable, eco-friendly products.
5 Reasons Why Everyone is Wearing Bamboo Sunglasses in 2023

Here's a look at the top 5 reasons bamboo sunglasses might be the best trend in eyewear in 2023. From environmental benefits to comfort to durability and aesthetics.

Do Bamboo Sunglasses Float on Water?

Bamboo Sunglasses are popular because they are lightweight, strong, and if constructed with 100% bamboo – they will float on water. Bamboo is a very dense material, yet compared to it’s weight it also very strong – making bamboo the perfect material for sunglasses.

4 Ways To Get In Shape For Spring Hiking

Find out how you can easily get in shape and enjoy your hikes this spring with these 4 easy to follow tips.

9 Travel Tips for 2023
Ok, so 2022 will really be the year we start traveling again (I hope). Our Pinterest boards are filled with new destinations we are ready to see. In case you forgot how to travel – here are 9 tips to plan, enjoy, and stay safe on your 2022 travels. 
5 Tips for Hiking With Dogs
Learn the five helpful tips for hiking with your dog. Hiking with dogs can provide many health benefits to both you and your furry friend. Hiking is a great way to destress, get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and interact with others – even if your companion has four legs. These five simple tips will help to ensure that your hike is a safe and enjoyable one.
10 Tips for Hiking in Winter
Hiking in the winter can be a peaceful and refreshing experience. We tend to get cooped up indoors in the winter, but getting outside in cold weather can be just as enjoyable as the warmer seasons. Winter provides elements we don’t see any other season such as a blanket of snow, animal tracks, and the crackling of frozen trees and water ways. There are some great benefits from winter hiking as well such as no bugs to deal with and less people on the trails – ahhh serenity.
The Health Benefits to Freezing Your Ass Off Outside this Winter
The cold weather sucks but if you enjoy skiing, walking, or your mental health - here are a few good reason to put on your mittens and get outdoors.
Top 10 Fall Drives in New England
With autumn around the corner, sometimes the best way to see the color change is inside a car. You can see the farms and little towns, enjoy a coffee on the way, and see a whole lot more than you normally can on foot. Here are 10 amazing fall drives and when to take them!
10 Great New York Scenic Byways
New York has nearly thirty state and federal scenic byways where you will find beautiful mountains, rivers, forests, farms, and water views ranging from small rivers and ponds to Great Lakes. The Empire State’s scenic byways are located mainly in upstate New York, but there are a few byways a short drive from New York City. Here are 10 Great New York Scenic Byways.
These Binoculars are the Ultimate Outdoor Accessory
Nocs Provisions Standard Issue 8x25 Waterproof Binoculars are the ultimate outdoor accessory to better experience your surroundings. The adventure-ready and compact binoculars from Nocs Provisions are a must for those on the move and in need of enhanced vision to grasp distant sites, figures, and treasures.
It's Time to Try a New Insect Repellant
It's time for a better bug spray. We recently tested out Ranger Ready's non-toxic insect repellant and found this to be a great alternative to DEET. It's clean, and it works. Ranger Ready offers two types of repellents - body-worn and clothing-worn.
10 Must-See New England Beaches
Whether you are drawn to dozing off in warm sands or catching some waves, you’ll want to visit one, or all, of these top ten New England beaches. New England is a magical place with some of the best beaches in the United States. You won’t regret planning a trip to any of these New England beaches.
Top 10 Places to see Fall Color Change Early
Fall might not be here quite yet, but we’re already starting to think about pumpkins, and stores are starting to show seasonal décor. While some people are still holding on to summer during September, others of us are looking forwards to the changes. If you’re one of those people who want to start the season off early, here are ten places to go in New England where the leaves are as impatient for fall as we are!
10 Great New England Scenic Byways
New England is one of the most scenic regions of the United States. You don’t have to travel far to find byways filled with picture perfect foliage, forests, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, farms, covered bridges, and ocean views. While there are many federal, state, and locally designated scenic byways in New England worthy of a road trip, here are 10 Great New England Scenic Byways.
8 Things to Do Before Summer Ends
It's August and you thought you had all summer to adventure, but before you know it Fall is around the corner and summer is coming to end. Here are a few last-minute ideas to do before the warm summer weather ends. 
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Going Camping
Camping can be an incredible experience when planned correctly. To ensure a great trip avoid these common 5 mistakes that newbie campers tend to make.
4 Reasons to Go Hiking Alone For Solitude
Hiking can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you decide to do it alone. Hiking alone can be the key to finding your inner strength and true self. If you feel like you need a break from the city lights and the claustrophobic streets, then maybe a solo hiking trip is what you need. Here are a few ways a solo hiking trip can improve your life.