It's Time to Try a New Insect Repellant

Its time to ditch the cheap-toxic bug spray we've always used and upgrade to a better bug spray.

We recently tried out Ranger Ready, and we're convinced this is how we'll battle bugs from now on. 

What makes Ranger Ready different from the other brands? 

Ranger Ready's mission is to stem the alarming rate of vector-borne disease through the proper use of insect repellents. They literally invented a better bug spray, one that is safe for the whole family, doesn't contain DEET, is non-greasy, and won't harm your gear. 

ranger ready review
Ranger Ready offers two types of repellents - body-worn and clothing-worn. Our body-worn repellent uses the active ingredient Picaridin 20%.  Picaridin is a synthetic replica of the piperine molecule found in pepper plans. It was developed in the 1980s by German scientists looking for a safer yet equally effective alternative to DEET.  Ranger Ready Picaridin 20% is non-greasy and non-sticky and is safe for use daily on anyone over the age of 1. It provides up to 12 hours of protection from ticks and mosquitos and 8 hours from gnats, biting flies, and other biting insects. Unlike DEET which is a plasticizer, Ranger Ready Picaridin won't harm your gear or clothing. 
Born in Norwalk Connecticut, Ranger Ready worked with professional perfumers to develop 4 great scents, so that people would want to use bug spray - while not smelling like traditional bug spray. :-) 
  • Scent Zero:  is completely odorless, so you smell like yourself and nothing extra.
  • Ranger Orange: was specifically designed for families, this kid-friendly scent has a fresh, clean citrus base. 
  • Night Sky: a hint of a classic men’s cologne, although still popular with women. Great for date nights, outdoor weddings and concerts. 
  • Amber: notes of cedar which provides a light outdoor scent.
Then we also offer our clothing-worn repellent which uses the active ingredient Permethrin 0.5%.  Permethrin is a synthetic chemical created to mirror the natural extracts of the chrysanthemum flower.  Ranger Ready Permethrin 0.5% repellent is specifically designed to bond directly to your clothing and gear and will repel and kill ticks, mosquitos, and biting insects on contact. Once dried it has zero scent and will last for up to 40 days or 5 washes. 
We tried Ranger Ready's scented repellant recently on a hike up Wachusett Mountain in Central MA. We even picked a humid, overcast day to really test it out. We were amazed how well this stuff works. Admittedly, we doused this stuff on us pretty thick, because we knew the bug would be bad. There was no terrible toxic feeling on my skin (or in my head). I love this stuff, and now keep a steady supply of this better bug spray. 

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