Do Bamboo Sunglasses Float on Water?

Do Bamboo Sunglasses Float on Water?

Do Bamboo Sunglasses Float on Water?

Bamboo Sunglasses are popular because they are lightweight, strong, and if constructed with 100% bamboo – they will indeed float on water. Bamboo is a very dense material, yet compared to it’s weight it also very strong – making bamboo the perfect material for sunglasses. 

Did you know that bamboo is a type of grass that has air pockets in its stalks, which allows it to float on water? The air pockets are formed due to the hollow structure of the bamboo. Bamboo also has a naturally occurring waxy coating on the surface, which helps repel water and prevent it from sinking. These unique properties make bamboo an ideal material for building stuff you don't want to sink like rafts, boats, your credit score and...sunglasses!

Not all bamboo sunglasses are created equal, however. Some bamboo sunglasses have wooden (bamboo) temple arms, but the front of the frame may be made from another material, such as metal, plastic or polycarbonate – and these sunglasses will not float. Sunglasses made with a 100% bamboo frame are so lightweight that they will float on water. 


Because of their buoyancy, bamboo sunnies are ideal for the beach, pool, and water sports such as boating and fishing. How many times have you dropped your favorite shades while on the water? You will never loose a pair of Eastern Outer Bamboo Floating Sunglasses to the water again! Finding sunken shades is how our story started. We wanted to create the perfect pair of sunglasses that had the density of wood and would float on water with us. 


Eastern Outer Floating Bamboo Sunglasses include a polarized lens and complete UV protection for your eyes form the strong summertime sun. The lightweight and humanized design of these bamboo sunglasses are made to fit your face comfortably so you can wear them for hours without the need to expose your eyes to the sun. Our shades are made for long summer days in the sunshine – comfort, protection, and worry-free from water loss. 

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Bamboo Sunglasses are the eco-friendly and responsible choice for eyewear today. Bamboo is a very highly renewable natural resource, making it more environmentally friendly than popular sunglass materials such as plastic. Plastic is the popular choice for most sunglasses because it is very cheap and easy to produce. However, production of plastic frame materials is quite toxic, with dire consequences for our planet. Bamboo is a renewable material, and no harmful emissions are produced during the manufacturing process. 


Bamboo Sunglasses also have a unique look. The material is naturally smooth with a subtle wood texture, making every pair of bamboo sunglasses different from one another. Bamboo feels better in your hands and on your face – people tend to recognize the material over metal or plastic frames. If you are looking for a conversation starter, or a pair of sunglasses that are unique, then these bamboo shades are for you.


Do bamboo sunglasses actually float on water? See for yourself...