8 Things to Do Before Summer Ends

8 Things to Do Before Summer Ends

It's August and you thought you had all summer to adventure, but before you know it Fall is around the corner and summer is coming to end. Here are a few last-minute ideas to do before the warm summer weather ends. 

1. Take a quick road trip to a new town or destination close to home 

You don't need to plan a week-long excursion to visit a destination on your list. Take a day trip to somewhere you have never been. When you get there stop into a local shop or restaurant and ask a local what is worth seeing. 


2. Jump in new body of water

Find a new beach, lake, or swimming hole within driving distance and jump in while the water is still warm. As soon as summer ends, the only water you will enjoy will be your shower or tub for the next 9 months. Scary right?


3. Find a local outdoor concert

There's nothing like sitting in a lawn chair and listening to live band in the warm summer air. Bonus if you can find an outdoor concert with food truck and beer garden. 


4. Shop a Farmers Market

Find a farmers market - local or one you have never been to. You will find a variety of fresh food, local goods, and people who love to chat. Bring cash and support these local farms and small business before they have to close up for the winter. 


5. Paddle Somewhere New

Bring your kayak or canoe to a new river or lake you have never been. Don't have a water craft? There are many places you can rent a kayak or canoe right on the water. 


6. Search out a Summit

While you can hike nearly all months of the year, the air atop a peak has a certain warmth and smell in the summer months. The weather can change drastically in other months leading to carry more gear. Summer typically only requires more water. Search out a new summit and take a hike! 


7. Host a Cookout

We love to host an "End of Summer" Cookout with our family and friends. There is a sense of urgency to this type of event. Chat about your summer adventures and how much you are looking forward to going back to school/work this fall.


8. Find your States best Ice Cream

Search out the best rated ice cream spots in your state and take a road trip. Ask your local scoop server what else there is to do or see in the area. 


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