The Health Benefits to Freezing Your Ass Off Outside this Winter

No one actually enjoys the cold weather right? I mean we enjoy things like skiing, running, hiking, sledding, or camping out in the winter time - but the cold, the cold sucks.

If you are thinking of staying indoors because you don't feel like freezing your ass off outside - here are a few good reason to put on your mittens and get outdoors.

Burn more Calories

Research has shown that when you shiver, your body produces a hormone called irisin. Irisin turns white fat (stomach rolls) — into brown fat. Brown fat burns calories to create internal heat. Also, exercising in cold weather boosts your body’s energy expenditure for hours afterwards, burning more calories for longer.


Reduced Inflammation

Cold weather can reduce inflammation and pain - just like an ice pack on an injury. Research shows that runners exposed to cold temperatures recovered faster and had less inflammation and soreness from workouts in warm weather.


Improved Mental Health

Sitting around indoors and lack of movement can lead to seasonal depression or the "winter blues".  Outdoor exercise or even a brisk walk can do wonders for your body and mind. However, since you will be bundled up and wont receive as much sun exposure, we recommend a vitamin D supplement to boost your mood and keep your emotions on an even keel.


Fewer Seasonal Allergies and Bug Bites

Plants don’t produce pollen in the winter - so us allergy sufferers can breath easier in cold weather. Plus, those annoying insects like mosquitoes and ticks have all gone dormant so no worries about bug bites or lyme disease.


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