Why You Need a Pair of Bamboo Sunglasses in 2023

We're all familiar with the two types of sunglasses. (1) The crazy expensive pair you keep in the unbreakable case so you don't sit on or loose them, and (2) the cheap drug-store pair that sit wonky on your face until the hinge gives up two weeks later - and yet you've still tried to wear them without one of the earpieces. Both of these shades are likely made from plastic and will sit forever in a landfill. 

What if there was a third option that was comfortable, strong, made from a sustainable material, and affordable?

This was the question we asked just before they designed the perfect pair of sunnies. 

Our original EO sunglasses (called the Saco shades) were inspired by summer trips floating down the Green River and Lake Powell in Utah. Without fail we'd always come home lamenting the lost shades at the bottom of the lake.

So we designed a pair of sunglasses made from Bamboo - a sustainable material that is both strong and lightweight. So lightweight that it floats on water. 

Here is why we think you need to snag a pair for yourself. 


why you need a pair of floating sunglasses

Bamboo is Crazy Strong

Every try to break a large bamboo cane in two? It's nearly impossible and you will likely hurt yourself. In fact, bamboo's tensile strength is actually stronger than steel: 28,000 per square inch versus 23,000 for steel. Who knew?


Bamboo Floats on Water

Bamboo is so lightweight that it floats on top of water. This makes it their perfect material for floating sunglasses. Try this the next time you are at the pool - casually toss your shades into the water, and then perform your best dive towards them. Pause for a second to fling your wet hair backwards and grab your shades from the top of the water. Cool just hit a new level. 


Bamboo is Sustainable

Bamboo grows FAST - making it a great material for goods since it can be quickly and easily produced. Renewable, check. 

Bamboo is actually a grass (not a tree) and produces 35% more oxygen than trees, plus it consumes more carbon dioxide than any other plant. In fact bamboo helps reverse the effects of global warming by swallowing up greenhouse gasses. Another check for mother nature. 


Bamboo Sunglasses are Smooth and Comfortable on your Face

As soon as you put a pair of our bamboo shades you'll notice how smooth the finish is. They don't leave a dent on your face after hours of wearing them. In fact, I totally forgot I was wearing them at one point that I smashed my fingers in the glass when I tried to rub my eyes. (They didn't break or leave a scratch) 


Bamboo Sunglasses Will Protect your Eyes from the Sun

Most of those cheap sunglasses are actually not rated (or even tested) to protect you from UV. Our bamboo floating sunglasses include a colorful polarized lens and are rated UV400 protection. 


Eastern Outer's Floating Bamboo Sunglasses are now available! Grab a pair here

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